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Hafez Commemoration Poster Design

The Hafez Commemoration Event Poster project aims to create a visually captivating representation of Hafez's poetry and Shiraz's cultural richness, fostering a deep connection to Persian culture while promoting the event with a sense of celebration and pride. Through meticulous research and thoughtful design decisions, the poster will encapsulate the essence of Hafez's legacy, incorporating traditional calligraphy, symbolic imagery, and modern design elements to engage the audience emotionally and invite them to partake in the event's festivities.


Step 01


I delved into the rich tapestry of Hafez's poetry, identifying themes, symbols, and imagery that resonate with the commemoration event's objectives. Concurrently, I explored traditional Persian calligraphy styles, focusing on those that align with the theme and maintain readability.

Step 02

Calligraphy and
Typography Selection

Calligraphy & Typography Reference

Following the research phase, I selected the elegant nastaliq calligraphy style to reflect the poetic essence of Hafez's work. Pairing this traditional calligraphy with a modern and minimalistic font for event details ensured a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary design elements.

Step 03

Imagery and Symbolism

Imagery Selection

Leveraging a minimalistic and modern design approach, I incorporated symbolic imagery that enhances visual interest without overshadowing the traditional calligraphy. Each element was carefully chosen to evoke the cultural richness of Shiraz and the profound legacy of Hafez.

Step 04

Layout Design

April 2022 was dedicated to planning layouts that guide the viewer's eyes through the poster, emphasizing key elements such as symbols and imagery. Strategic use of negative space maintained a clean and modern design aesthetic while enhancing visual hierarchy.

Step 05

Digital Design

Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I digitally brought the concept to life in April 2022. Incorporating the selected typography, calligraphy, colors, and imagery, I meticulously crafted the poster to ensure that it captures the essence of Hafez's poetry and Shiraz's cultural significance while promoting the commemoration event effectively.

Final Result

Final poster design mockup
Final poster design mockup