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The Soorfa UX/UI Design project aims to create an efficient online platform connecting landlords and students in British Columbia. Through meticulous user research, streamlined application processes, and iterative design improvements, the project focuses on delivering a user-centric housing search experience. The process includes steps such as user research, wireframing, visual design, and implementation, each aimed at enhancing usability and satisfaction for platform users.


Step 01

User Research

Conducted comprehensive user research aimed to understand the needs and behaviors of both landlords and students in the housing market. This step involved gathering insights into their preferences, pain points, and expectations, providing a solid foundation for subsequent design decisions.

Step 02

User Stories and Personas

Based on the research findings, user stories and personas were developed to represent typical users' goals, motivations, and challenges. These personas helped guide feature selection and design decisions, ensuring that the platform meets the diverse needs of its target audience.

Step 03


Soorfa UI/UX Wireframe

Wireframes were developed to outline the basic structure and layout of the platform's user interface. This included key features such as user profiles and interactive listings, providing a visual representation of the platform's functionality and layout before proceeding to the design phase.

Step 04

Testing and Feedback

Usability testing was conducted to gather user feedback on the overall user experience. This step involved testing the platform's functionality and gathering insights from users to identify areas for improvement and iteration.

Step 05


Based on ongoing user feedback, iterative improvements were made to the platform's design and features. This iterative process aimed to enhance the platform's effectiveness and user satisfaction, ensuring that it meets users' evolving needs and expectations.

Step 06

Visual Design

A visually appealing and consistent design language was developed for the platform's user interface. This step focused on aligning the design with the Soorfa brand and ensuring accessibility while creating a positive user experience.

Step 07


Interactive prototypes were built to test the usability and flow of the platform's interface. This involved refining design elements and interactions to ensure that users can easily navigate the platform and accomplish their tasks efficiently.

Step 08

Testing and Iteration

User feedback will be gathered through testing to iterate on the design, addressing any issues and improving usability. This iterative process aims to refine the platform's design and features to meet users' needs and expectations effectively.

Step 09


The finalized UI design will be implemented into the Soorfa platform in collaboration with developers since this is projects is still in development on an ongoing basis. This step ensures that the design aligned with the initial vision and provides users with a seamless and intuitive housing search experience.

Final Result